What Is A Sales Hook?

That’s the first question.  What the heck is a sales hook? A hook is one of the most powerful copywriting tools in your toolbelt. And I’m going to further explain what it is in this article for you. The simple definition for it is that it is a catchy phrase, or something that embeds an…

The Four Quadrants of Desire

What if there was a secret way to cover every reason why anyone’s ever bought in their entire, in the history of humanity? Would that change your sales just a bit? Well… there just happens to be such a way. It’s what I call “The 4 Quadrants of Desire” and they are: Wants Fears Pleasures…


You and I both know that all products are really just solutions to problems. Examples: 1 800 Got Junk – They solve your clutter problem Uber – Solutheion to not having taxis in suburbs and dirty, high-priced cabs in cities Your favorite restaurant – solves your hunger problem So, it stands to reason that if…


Why Choose Us

Jon Benson (left) started Digital Publisher to help others follow in his footsteps. Over the past 14 years, he has created 14 online products, ranging from fitness e-books to internet marketing software.

After earning more than 8 figures online, and helping thousands of other marketers make their mark online, Jon and his team decided to create THE online portal for anyone desiring the “laptop lifestyle”; creating a digital product or service, and marketing it to the masses.

Now you can learn from folks who “do” rather than folks who merely teach!



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